Camping with kids can be tough, especially tent camping when there is no electricity or running water. You may worry about dirt, going to the bathroom or even what they will do all day.

However, kids are resilient and I never had any problems with mine. As a four year old, my son loves to go camping. Even though he doesn’t have his regular toys he still finds tons of things to keep him occupied. I actually think that he uses his imagination more while camping. I often see him jumping off of rocks or playing with sticks or pine cones.


As far as the lack of showers, yes your kids will get dirty. If you are really concerned about this stores sell solar powered showers that are easy to set up and will get you clean just as easily (if a bit more slowly) then a regular shower. Other ideas include bringing a pitcher and a big plastic bowl for washing faces, ears and feet in the morning and night time or bringing a pack of wet wipes. I highly suggest bringing a couple of gallons of water and setting them aside just for cleaning purposes.

Going to the bathroom can be a bit more tricky. Hopefully your campground at least has a port a potty. If not, I suggest investing in one. They are really cheap and can be found at many stores such as Kmart and Target. Both you and your children can use it and then dump it afterwards.

Always remember to wash your hands after you use the port a potty and before you make your meals. Since you are out in the wilderness you don’t know what you may have touched or picked up along your day.

Remember, don’t be afraid to go camping with your kids. Try it the first time and go from there. Start making a list of things that you think would be great to bring on your next trip. Lists are great because they help you remember what you need.